Shop Services 

With over 20 years of combined experience, Threepence offers full-service on all makes and models of motorcycles. We believe the creation of a motorcycle is where the execution of a flawless machine meets aesthetic expression, making every inch of a bike essential to the whole build. That's why we take pride in everything from an oil change to a re-build and know that attention to every detail of the bike, no matter how small it may seem, is what leads to the best rider experience.

Our flat shop rate is $105/hr & 150/hr for motor work


Products We Carry

We work carefully to only select the highest quality parts and product to suit all of your rider needs. Most of our brands are small, owner operated shops and all of our brands are selected for their quality and reliability. We sell things that we would (and do) buy ourselves. 

Check out our full line of motorcycle clothing at Bolt Denver.  162 S Broadway Denver CO 80209

Our Brands

  • Full line of Simpson moto helmets
  • AlpineStar jackets
  • Honey Fox 
  • Born a bad seed
  • Ascot 
  • Raen sunglasses
  • British customs
  • Biltwell
  • Olden company
  • Silver piston
  • Delta 
  • Full faces are sexy
  • Suicide machine co
  • Lucky bastard co
  • Grifter

Our Helmet Racks

Our custom designed helmet racks can be purchased in our shop or online here